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Application Process

Security Clearance Acknowledgement

Applications for the Class of 2016 will be accepted from May 15, 2015 through October 19, 2015. See Application Tips for more information on gathering and submitting the proper materials. Prior to beginning an application, please ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements. If you are unsure if you qualify, email the NGFP Recruiting Office at or call (509) 375-2665.

How to Apply:

Applications, personal statement, letters of recommendation, and transcripts must be received by October 19, 2015. Because official transcripts are submitted in hard copy, please allow enough time for processing and mailing.

The application consists of:

  • Part 1: NGFP Application Form including Letter of Interest (see guidelines) and Résumé
  • Part 2: An unofficial transcript from your current university must be submitted in PDF form. Please download these from your university in PDF, or copy and paste to Word, then save to PDF. Email the transcript to on or before the deadline. Note: If you are selected for an interview, you may be required to submit official transcripts at that time, but not until then.

    Mail official transcript(s) to:

    NNSA Graduate Fellowship Program Outreach Office
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    1100 Dexter Avenue North, Suite 400
    Seattle, WA 98109

  • Part 3: Two letters of recommendation.

    The system will solicit these via automated email, based on information you provide. You must submit at least two, but no more than four, contacts for recommendations. Please note that two letters of recommendation must be received before your application will be considered complete.

  • Part 4: Upload résumé to PNNL When applying to the PNNL jobs website, please be sure to use the same email address as you use for the NGFP Application System. Please note that both the online form in the NGFP Application System and your résumé submission to the PNNL jobs website are required.
  • Part 5: SF-86 form — Questionnaire for National Security Positions (due at a later date)

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Applications for the Class of 2016 are now closed.

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