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Application Tips

Education & Experience

Enter your degrees in the order in which they were received. At least one of your degrees must meet our graduation requirements that you are currently enrolled or have graduated with 18 months prior to the application closing date.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required.

In the online application, you will be asked to provide email addresses for individuals who will submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. The system will send an email to your recommenders, asking them to complete an online recommendation form. Your recommenders can type their letter directly into the form or cut and paste text into the form.

You may revise or change your recommenders at any time but letters must be received by the application deadline for your application to be considered to be complete.

Letters of recommendation should be written by someone who has closely interacted with you and can effectively comment on your academic performance, research abilities, relevant skills, ability to collaborate, and previous experiences fit for this program. Letters of recommendation should ideally come from professors or supervisors who have worked with you as a project manager, research supervisor, academic advisor, or course instructor. It is recommended that you notify your recommenders prior to submitting your application so you can discuss the program in detail and give them time to prepare information on your behalf.


You will need to submit your résumé to both the NGFP Application System and the PNNL jobs website. Please use the same email address for both applications.

You will have the option to copy and paste your résumé text or drag and drop a text file into the form. PDFs are not currently accepted. After inputting your résumé, our system will remove some formatting. Please review it carefully to ensure it is formatted correctly. Be aware that tables, fonts, photos, and colors may be affected.

NGFP staff are available to assist you with review of your résumé and letter of interest. Contact for assistance.

Letter of Interest

As part of your online application, you must provide a Letter of Interest. This letter should focus on you—tell us who you are, why you want to pursue a career in national security, and what impact you expect this experience to have on your education and career goals. You are encouraged to share what you have accomplished so far in fields relevant to the fellowship (national security, nuclear engineering, international affairs/political science, and/or general STEM), including relevant coursework or research projects you have completed. You are also encouraged to share other relevant experience that has helped you develop skills fit for this program (i.e., leadership, project management, professional communication). Suggested length is one page.

NGFP staff are available to assist you with review of your résumé and letter of interest. Contact for assistance.

PNNL Application

You must complete both the NGFP application and the PNNL Jobs NGFP application for your application to be considered complete. Please use the same email address for both applications. The PNNL NGFP job application is accessible on the PNNL Careers site. The posting opens and closes on the same schedule as the overall NGFP application. See the schedule for details.

Application Schedule

We typically accept applications from March through October for fellowships beginning the following June. The application deadline is the date by which your PNNL Jobs application, letter of interest, resume, letters of recommendation, and all other application sections must be received. See the schedule for additional interview, hiring, and fellowship dates.

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